The hotel under BEST Hotel group would have their styles depending on the different locations. We will also offer a customized service. Even through our hotel group is a parity consumption business, we will prove to have more than a 4-star facility and 5-star services. The customer always comes first. We provide high-quality services and environments to our customers with parity consumption.

Customers will feel at home, without having to spend a lot, while still enjoying the high-quality food and accommodation. The customers will receive superior service in BEST Hotel.

We would like to offer a win-win situation between our customers and the hotel. We provide high-quality service in a 3-star hotel that allows our customers to eat well, sleep well and be treated like a VIP. Then, they can enjoy a quite atmosphere in which they feel like they are at home with all our facilities.

~~立多旅館集團董事長 王彤州